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Cxxlaid’s headliners are selectively chosen based on their abilities to grow their art and put themselves in positions to be hugely discovered. While headlining a Cxxlaid show is not easy, there’s supporting production to fill the show and having enough materials to keep the house entertained for a minimum of 20 minutes of material. From Drake collaborations to Kardinal Offishall and Mayweather, the links to A list personalities who share sentence lines with Cxxlaid’s growing artist roster is increasing. While our efforts are to support rising talents that have the potential of breaking out, this listen showcases the various headliners that have taken on a Cxxlaid stage!

Show 1
Toronto rapper, producer, and loose OVO Sound affiliate Devontée, not only started a movement that would impact Toronto, but also pop culture at an early age in the industry. From founding WOEs as a grassroots movement that’s now growing internationally, to producing for some of the industries most established names, Devontee is a fast rising artist that’s one of the city’s best kept secrets. From Drake and Steph Curry affiliations to Joey Baddass and Kardinal Offishall Collaborations Devontee became the god father of #cxxlaid as an emerging Canadian hiphop showcase.
Show 2
A new name in the industry, Kresnt created a name for himself at a level where locals were getting outcompeted for quality platforms. Featured on Cxxlaid as King H, the artist’s movement could not go unnoticed as his discovery came at a time when Cxxlaid’s presenters had a choice between Kresnt, Kodie Shane, and 6lack. From a sold out headline show, to being the first local to headline a city festival during Harambecouver Multicultural Carnival, performing alongside Roywoods, Working with Kanye West’s producer and headlining SFU Fashion Week among other opportunities, Kresnt’s growth is starting to promote Vancouver’s artist community as being worth the investment.
Show 3
Catapulted in the scene through a beef with Drake and Meek Mill, Quentin Miller was dragged into the limelight as Drake’s alleged Ghostwriter, while performing and rapping might have not been his forte, his group 1317 all prioritized making sure they advanced themselves with all opportunities they secured, from a collaboration with Travis Scott, to Pusha T, Quentin Miller has produced hit records for a lot more icons than Drake. With an accident that saw A list artists on his side, from Rihanna to many others, building a fan base that’s there to grow with the now recording artist became part of the journey associated with Quentin now proving himself to his growing audience.
Show 4
A Toronto based Rapper who caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather, elevating his status from a local star to an internationally acclaimed artist, all before dropping a major project. With a focus on crafting his own sound within telling reality raps based of his experiences growing up in inner city Toronto, Friyie would headline the Mayweather and Mcgregor cross industry fight. An opportunity previously commissioned to artists like 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and more to name a few. With nothing short of positive reviews pouring in for the emerging artist, many are excited to see his continued growth.
Show 5
Mamarudegyal MTHC
A real gem in the industry, MamaRudeGyal MTHC was discovered by Cxxlaid through a featured freestyle on RapidFire, a platform that’s connected to Cxxlaid which presents freestyle artist showcases to give them more exposure. While Mamarudegyal MTHC might be a new name in the industry, this indigenous female Rapper is not only breaking barriers as one of the few voices putting herself out as a creative, she’s also empowering others through her indigenous collective of artists. While Rude Nala and Nostalgix broke the mold as one of the first few females to perform as supporting acts, of which MissyD would emerge as a Coheadliner leading Vancouver’s local female hiphop wave, Mama Rudegyal is the first female headliner to lead a Cxxlaid stage. From her freestyle trending on International Women’s Day, to putting on an amazing performance during HMC18’s Cvlturefest, Mamarudegyal is showing that she has what it takes to stand amongst some of the industry’s leading talents.